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11-01: PTQ Brussel

De allerlaatste échte PTQ van Magic United. Win deze en claim je plek voor de Pro Tour in Brussel!
Datum: Zondag 11 januari
Format: Standard (decklijst verplicht, graag printen op A4 formaat :-))
Aanvang: 10:00
Kosten: € 17,50 (inclusief drankje)
Prijzen: Voor de winnaar de invite voor de Pro Tour en per deelnemer 3 boosters in de prijzenpot.
Locatie: Mercure Hotel Amsterdam, Joan Muyskensweg 10, 1096 CJ  Amsterdam
REL: Competetive
Headjudge: Frank Wareman

Available now! Commander 2014

Nú leverbaar: de nieuwe Commander decks en de losse kaarten uit deze decks! Ditmaal monocolored decks. Elk deck bevat wederom 15 nieuwe kaarten. Deze edities hebben zelfs planeswalkers die als commander gespeeld mogen worden! 



Nu leverbaar: Holiday Giftbox 2014

De Giftbox is terug! Iedereen die ze van de afgelopen jaren kent weet wat voor mooie en praktische opbergdozen dit zijn! En dan zitten er ook nog 4 boosters, een promo, dividers en stickers in! Superhandig om te gebruiken en heel fijn om cadeau te doen!

Your personal Boosterbox!

Are you interested in buying a boosterbox but you don´t want 36 boosters of the same set? Or you want to draft a certain block with your friends but still have the added discount of the boosterbox? Personalizing your boosterbox is the answer! This can be done in the store but it is also possible to have it send to your home adress. If you are interested, please contact us at with your specific configuration and we make sure you get what you want. We have the following Boosters available at the moment:
-Born of the Gods
-Journey into Nyx
-Khans of Tarkir
Just make sure you select up to 36 boosters total. The price of a personalized box is still the usual €90,-

Tuesday 16-12: Khans of Tarkir Sealed Deck

Sealed Deck with 6 boosters Khans of Tarkir!

Start 19:30, costs € 22,50

Every Friday Night: Newbie Standard!

Just started playing Magic? Been playing kitchentable Magic for years? Took a break from Magic but started playing again recently? Have a deck which contains only cards from: Khans of Tarkir, M15, Journey into Nyx, Born of the Gods and Theros? Come and join Newbie Standard! Costs: totally free. Prizes: € 5,- storecredit for the winner en random booster (or boosters if there are more than 12 players) Khans of Tarkir for a lucky participant. Starting time: 19:30.

Friday 19-12: Friday Night Magic in Magic United!

Friday december 19th Friday Night Magic with Boosterdraft (Khans of Tarkir) or Modern. So come and play and win that FNM foil Stoke the Flames and/or boosters Khans of Tarkir.

Costs:Modern: € 5
Draft KTK KTK KTK: € 12,50.

Tuesdaynight Magicnight Championship 2014

On tuesdaynights we keep a ranking. One ranking takes 6 rounds of play (so the equivalent of 6 weeks of playing Drafts or Sealed decks). 1 Boosterbox of the current set will be awarded to the top 5 of the ranking after 6 weeks. But there is more! All the rankingwinners (there will be 8 at the end of the year) will receive an invite for the Magic United Championship. The championship will be made up of 3 free drafts for the ranking winners. The highest ranked player after 3 weeks will be crowned Magic United 2013 Limited Champion. He or she will receive a free boosterbox of every released set in 2014 plus bragging rights :-)! Besides that every draft ofcourse still has it's 8 booster prize payout. You don´t have to play for the ranking, everybody is welcome to play in these tournaments, the ranking is just a little something extra for the people who play more often.

Shop Tournaments:

Vrijdag 19 december: FNM, Draft of Modern, 19:30 € 12,50 Draft, € 5 Modern
Vrijdag 19 december: Newbie Standard, 19:30, Gratis.
Zaterdag 20 december: Modern Invitational voor de 8 gekwalificeerden, 11:00
Zaterdag 20 december: Legacy Invitational voor de 8 gekwalificeerden, 14:00
Dinsdag 23 december: KTK Sealed Deck, 19:30, €22,50
Dinsdag 23 december: Limited Invitational dag 3 voor de 8 dinsdagavond-winnaars. 19:30
Donderdag 25 december: GESLOTEN!
Vrijdag 26 december: GESLOTEN!
Zaterdag 27 december: Pauper, 11:00, €5,-
Dinsdag 30 december: Repack Rare-only Draft, 19:30, €15,-

For all tournaments: please mail to for participation so we know what the turnup will be. Thanks!

Tweeterdetweet: @magicunited1 for de Twitterfans!

Shop Telephone Online :-)

It took us a while but this is the official Magic United telephonenumber: 010-4664047. We'll probably answer that more than our cellphones :-).

Point of attention:

If you order more than 94 cards the shipping costs will automatically be € 7,50. The reason for that is that the cards won't fit in the envelop anymore. If you want more than 94 cards but don't care if they arrive in 2 seperate enveloppes please mail us. The shipping costs will be lower than € 7,50.


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